Lightscribe Extended Label Contrast Utility

Lightscribe Extended Label Contrast Utility 1.4

Improve the contrast on printing LightScribe DVD labels
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Extended Label Contrast Utility (ELCU) will improve the contrast on printing LightScribe DVD labels. This utility helps darken the contrast on LightScribe media storage, note that the outcome effect will depend on what font and graphic is being used!

For the best results when burning LightScribe labels make sure the firmware and software for your drive is up to date. Create all your labels in black and white or convert them to grayscale. The utility is easy to disable just by running the utility again and resetting the mode back to normal.

Be aware that the utility only works on DVD disks only (the printing time will be approx. 50% longer. ) and it may take up to 40 minutes or more to burn a label vs. 25 to 30 minutes in normal mode with lower quality.

A high-contrast photo or graphic stands out better than a picture in mostly soft middle tones. Use the preview feature to see how the graphics you use look on disc then from the Disc Label menu, select a Contrast Level and then click OK to begin burning the label.

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  • High quality graphics and labels


  • Burning takes too long
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